HP C7000 OA USB and DVD with new firmware

There is some odd steps required for connecting a DVD drive up to the USB port on the OA for a HP C7000 after you apply the new firmware that enables this new feature. Here is a link to a post I created in the HP forums about the problem and what I did to get it fixed.


In the case this does not exist anymore:

Problem: I have heard that the OA can now handle a USB DVD drive, I am at firmware 2.02 and I have a Sony DRX-S50U and the OA does not seem to see the Drive from the webpage. Anyone running in to this problem or am I missing a step?

Answer: When you add a DVD/CD drive to the OA, the three things you will need to do is:

  1. put a cd/dvd in the unit (needs to be in unit)
  2. select the ‘Refresh’ button at the bottom of the screen, this will re-detect the device.
  3. Select at least 1 server before you select the ‘DVD’ button(otherwise they will be greyed out)

2 Responses to HP C7000 OA USB and DVD with new firmware

  1. Simon says:

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the information regarding the DVD firmware update and Sony DVD workaround.



  2. usb Dani says:

    Thanks, it works 🙂

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