Adding an OA to AD

Do to the lack of documents stating anything about this step, im bloging it for anyone that is having a problem with it.

With in the Onboard Administrator

Go to Users/Authentication> Directory Settings

  1. Check the “Enable LDAP Authentication”
  2. Add your LDAP/AD address to “Directory Server Address” like the IP of your LDAP server or AD domain controller.
  3. Add your SSL port number to “Directory Server SSL Port” the default is 636 if you are using SSL 
  4. In “Search Context 1″ list the LDAP location where your userids are kept, like (OU=xxxx,OU=xxx,DC=xxx) etc
  5. Check “Use NT Account Name Mapping” (DOMAIN\username) if using AD

Go to Users/Authentication> Directory Groups

  1. Click on New
  2. Create the group name of the group from LDAP you would like to add access to in “Group Name”
  3. Assign it a access level at “Privilege Level”
  4. Assign it devise access below (Note if it is Privilege Level Administrator you will want to check all fields other wise you will not have full access)



Recommended Step:

Go to Users/Authentication> Local Users

And add a common Local Admin incase your directory server is not available, then just follow the steps for access you did for creating the directory group on the local admin account like the screen shots above.


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