Cannot Remote Desktop because windows logon software replaced

Error: You cannot initiate a remote desktop connection because the windows login software on the remote computer has been replaced by incompatible software c:\windows\system32\awgina.dll

OS= Windows 2003
PCA= version 10

Cause: PCA is a unsupported version for that version of OS, so the gina for PCA will not work with remote desktop

WARINING: Making Changes to your registry can destroy your OS, if you don’t know what your doing.

Fix #1 (This will stop PCA from working):

  1. Backup your registry
  2. START
  3. RUN
  4. regedit
  5. go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\winlogon
  6. key GinaDLL needs to point to msgina.dll instead of C:\windows\system32\awgina.dll
  7. reboot

Fix #2 (this will give your both PCA and RDP):

  1. Upgraded your version of PCA to a supported version

PCA= PC Anywhere
RDP= Remote Desktop Protocol


13 Responses to Cannot Remote Desktop because windows logon software replaced

  1. Assissotom says:

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    Thnx, this worked like a charm !!

  7. John Williams says:

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  8. Kristion says:

    Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

  9. karamvir says:

    helpful article….but i found an entry for ginadll….which pointed to ginamsi…
    i deleted this ginadll entry…
    rebooted my system..
    still dint connect…
    it says client cannot accept new connection.
    might b too busy….
    then again in registry i created a string value ginaDLL and modified its data to msgina.dll…
    still no connection…

  10. sanal says:

    states that s/w has been replaced by incompactible logonrem.dll….what should i do nw???

  11. Hassan says:

    Good work,

    This has saved my life today. The problem has come on my production server after i installed the PC anywhere. this information helped me to fix it up.

    Thanks Bro.

    Hassan MrHAK.

  12. Edimar Santos says:

    Very good..

    Tks, congratulations for site!!!

  13. Venugopalan kokkodan says:

    This help was well recommended and its highly useful. Appreciate.

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