How to connect VI Client 2.5 to VMware Server 2.0

With the new VMware Server 2.0 Beta, if you have installed it the web interface is not the best yet for some real use and if you are using Windows 2008 as the host the 1.0.4 will not install nice. But there is a better way to use this install and get all the goodies that come with Virtual Infrastructure products from VMware.

  1. You will need to install the Virtual Infrastructure Client (VI Client) 2.5.
  2. You will need to have your ports open if you have your firewall up the defaults it takes are 8333 (SSL) 8222 (normal)
  3. On the VI Client for server put in https://<servername&gt;:8333 or http://<servername&gt;:8222 or what ever ports you choose at install.
  4. Then add your Admin account to the host for Username and Password


My setup:

Dell PowerEdge 1800
Host: Windows 2008 64bit Enterprise
2 CPU 3.6GHz
Ram: 6GB

For more screenshots:

17 Responses to How to connect VI Client 2.5 to VMware Server 2.0

  1. M, Katta says:

    Yes, I am using VpxClient 2.5 connected to VMware Server 2.0 beta on Windows XP.
    VpxClient is installed VMware-viclient.exe at VMware-vix-e.x.p-632131.i386.tar.gz (for Linux)
    This choice is very nice, faster then Web UI (by IE-6).

  2. bob says:

    hi great site thanks

  3. mr.bryce says:

    just what i was missing

    thnx a bunch

  4. RST says:

    I use both: VMware-viclient_2.5.0.64217 and Firefox with VMX-Plugin for connect to VMware-server-2.0.0-101586 . It works.

  5. tv says:

    cool site thx ==)

  6. tube says:

    great work thanks see u

  7. leonardo says:

    ok but what ports for the console?

  8. tube says:

    nice thanks thanks

    see u =)

  9. Eric Reitz says:

    add the ports at the end of the servername



  10. Sean says:

    Stellar, just what I needed… thanks!

  11. Alok says:

    Just what was needed. The only limitation seems to be the configuration for a VM on Server 2.0 can’t be edited using VI. You still need to use the web interface for this.

    • ARC says:

      The web interface generates VMs using hardware version 7 while the VI uses hardware version 4.

      If you create VMs with either they cannot be edited by the other.

  12. Bill Gates says:


    This is what I needed.

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  14. Vicky says:

    it’s great to have the standalone client. the web admin interface sucks.
    i will try this. thanks.

  15. Hi there,
    thanks for the great tip! I moved from ESXi 3.5 back to VMware Server 2.2 (tried different Hardware ESXi is not compatible with – and no x64 CPU so I couldn’t upgrade higher) and I missed the vSphere Client A LOT – it just feels so good hehe


  16. jtxtop2 says:

    btw infonya keren and berguna. ,

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