Windows 2008/Vista Junction points

In Vista/2008, Microsoft changed the file structure a bit for the older Versions of Windows. And to deal with this change and older application compatibility Microsoft added junction point to point old locations to new locations. Which could pose a problem if you have a administer some of these systems and not know where things have going to.

NOTE: Most of the Junction Points are hidden folders

Old Path New Path
Documents and Settings Users
Documents and SettingsDefault User or
UsersDefault or
Documents and Settings<user>My Documents Users<user>Documents
Documents and Settings<user>My DocumentsMy Pictures Users<user>Pictures
Documents and Settings<user>My DocumentsMy Music Users<user>Music
Documents and Settings<user>Favorites Users<user>Favorites
N/A Users<user>Contacts
N/A Users<user>Downloads
N/A Users<user>SavedGames
Documents and Settings<user>Application Data Users<user>AppDataRoaming
Documents and Settings<user>Local SettingsApplication Data Users<user>AppDataLocal
Documents and Settings<user>Start Menu Users<user>AppDataRoamingMicrosoft
Windows Start Menu
Documents and SettingsAll Users UsersPublic
Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart Menu ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart Menu
Documents and SettingsAll UsersDesktop UsersPublicDesktop
Path Points To
ProgramDataApplication Data ProgramData
ProgramDataDesktop UsersPublicDesktop
ProgramDataDocuments UsersPublicDocuments
ProgramDataFavorites UsersPublicFavorites
ProgramDataStart Menu ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart Menu
ProgramDataTemplates ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsTemplates

You can find more info at:


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