VM Power on Error in ESX

ERROR: a general system error occurred: internal error

Error is from ESX 3.5 U2 (update2) where the product expires Aug 12 2008.

Aug 12 10:40:10.792: vmx| http://msg.License.product.expired This product has expired.
Aug 12 10:40:10.792: vmx| Be sure that your host machine’s date and time are set correctly.

Aug 12 10:40:10.792: vmx| There is a more recent version available at the VMware Web site: http://www.vmware.com/info?id=4.

Effects VM power on’s and supended systems.

The work-around:

Turn off NTP (if you’re using it), and then manually set the date of all ESX 3.5U2 hosts back to 10th of August. This can be done either through the VI Client (Host -> Configuration -> Time Configuration) or by typing date -s “08/10/2008” at the Service Console command line on the ESX hosts.

Warring: If you have application or databases that have the VMware tools installed you need to uncheck that option so that you dont have the time on the VM messed up, if they use system time in a critical way.


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