Windows Print queue status offline

I had a painful printer the other day that was listing its queue status as offline, after troubleshooting it to find out is was online was a big pain. I would ping the printer IP address but the queue listed as offline. So I restarted the printer spooler no help. The solution was a miss configuration in the printer port that was created by someone else.

  1. So go to the printer queue on your print server or from print management
  2. Click ports
  3. Configure port
  4. (helpful to take a screenshot of current settings) try to enable/disable SNMP status and update the protocol to see if that fixes your status.

Mine was the SNMP status it was enabled and was telling the queue it was down.

Print Server was windows 2003


3 Responses to Windows Print queue status offline

  1. I think there is a hotfix available from Microsoft for this.

  2. I love looking at your posts, Windows Print queue status offline The Regime was included in my favorites in firefox.

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