How to roll up a vmware snapshot that is to large


A very old and large snapshot was removed from snapshot manager it said it completed, a month later the datastore was full that the VM was in. Looking in to the files for that VM it was found that the snapshot disks where still in the VM’s folder directory. But nothing was in the snapshot manager. Migrate/svmotion was also failing to move the disks out to a different datastore with space.


The Fix:

  1. Get a temp datastore created for size of all the drives on that system that have snapshot disks (hostname-000001.vmdk)
  2. clone the disks via command line, pointing the source vmdk to clone the snapshot disk and point the destination as the new datastore
  3. after the clone are done and all your vmdk files have been cloned and all data rolled up you can delete your old data from the old data store
  4. then copy the vmdk files from your temp datastore to your old datastore
  5. remove temp datastore

Note: To commit a snapshot you need twice the space of the snapshot to commit it, if you don’t it will fail.


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