BOMC iso error

Problem: Using IBM’s ToolCenter Bootable media creator (BOMC) to make a updatexpress cd keep failing with an error on the ISO creation step.

Error: Error(s) occurs while creating the bootable media! Error message: Media creation error: The mkisofs utility failed to create ISO file

Solution: come to find out that the iso creation step conflicts with cygwin or cygwin.dlls, So in my case I had cygwin installed on the system that the BOMC was running on and creating this error, I stopped the cygwin process and the BOMC ran with out problems.


3 Responses to BOMC iso error

  1. Ermax Cj Pastel says:

    U rocks 🙂

  2. Anand says:

    The solution works for me 🙂

    Anand Kumar Nelapati

  3. Omar says:

    Hi please how stopped the cygwin process???

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