Tweaks for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

1. Missing ~/Library?

You can run this command from terminal

“chflags nohidden ~/Library”

2. Finder sidebar icon size?

You can go to System Preferences>General>Sidebar icon size

3. Launchpad have junk or duplicate entries?

Give this free app “launchpadcleaner” a try at “”

Or try this System Preference Pane at “”

Option two is to do it from terminal and you can find the steps at “”

4. Changing the scrollbar

You can change the way the scrollbar works in System Preferences>General>Show Scroll Bars

5. Fixing your inverted mouse scrolling

If you have a normal mouse I am guessing you will not like the default scrolling in lion. Just go to System Preferences>Scroll & Zoom>Scroll direction: natural and disable this option

6. Missing key repeat for some applications?

You can follow the steps at this site “”


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