OS X 10.7 Boot disk options

On all the Options below you will need to hold down “option” at boot up to use them.

Option 1: buy the install usb key apple has for sale

Option 2: Use the recovery partition

Option 2.5: Install the same recovery partition on a remote harddrive

  1. You can download the Lion recovery disk assistant from apple “http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1433”

Option 3: Create your own boot usb key

  1. get the installESD.dmg
  2. put in a blank usb drive at least 4GB in size
  3. open disk utility>click on your usb drive>partition>partition layout>1 partition
  4. partition information>mac os extended (journaled)
  5. partition table>options>guid partition table (this options will make your usb drive bootable to your mac) then click apply and it will format your drive ereasing all your data on it.
  6. after the format pick restore and pick the dmg as the source and your usb drive as the destination and pick restore at the bottom

Option 4: create your own boot cd

  1. get the installESD.dmg
  2. put in a blank dvd
  3. open “disk utility” and drag the dmg file in to it
  4. click on the dmg and click burn

Note: Option 3 & 4 you will need the dmg file from the Lion install app that you got from the app store. You can get it before you install Lion or after.

To do it before you will need to quit the lion installer after it downloads, don’t worry it does not start to install until you click all the options. Then locate /Applications/Install Mac OS X Lion/ then shift click the app and select show package contents the look in SharedSupport and copy the “InstallESD.dmg”

To do it after you have installed lion (“Install Mac OS X Lion” will no longer be in applications after the install), open up app store and then hold down option and click on purchased and then download again. Then get the InstallESD.dmg as the first step


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