System F keys

Note: These function keys can change with any new software/firmware release and also different hardware types. These function keys are more for server hardware and not desktop hardware.


F1 : Setup
F2 : Diagnostics
F12 : Boot Device


F2 : Setup
F6 : Boot Menu
F7 : Diagnostics
F8 : Cisco IMC Configuration
F12 : Network Boot


F10 : Setup


F2 : Setup


DEL : Setup
F11 : Boot Menu
F12 : Lan boot


ESXi – if some of these don’t work ESXi could be hung or they could be disabled.

ALT-F1 : console
ALT-F11 : banner screen
ALT-F12 : VMkernel log


ALT-F1 : service console
ALT-F2 : service console
ALT-F11 : banner screen
ALT-F12 : VMkernel log


F2 : Setup
F12 : Network Boot
ESC : Boot Menu

Additional data:

Backrev firmware on IBM ServeRAID card

How to backrev the firmware on a ServeRAID card:
1. Boot the server with the ServeRAID CD version you want to revert to
2. Then when the GUI appears look for the lightening bolt to show up as the logo
3. Hold down ALT and right click the lighting bolt
4. Three option boxes will appear, one will be “FORCE UPDATE” check the box.
5. Then it will run as if you where doing a normal update.