TSM error ANS2310E


TSM for VE will sometimes give error ANS2310E The create snapshot task is disabled on the virtual machine ‘*’. As a result, the virtual machine cannot be backed up.


If the VM is getting vmotioned or storage vmotioned, snapshot tasks will fail and this error will be created.


Retry the backup job at a later time after the vmotion is complete.


TSM Client Error ANS0106E Message index not found for message number

The Problem: TSM was giving backup failed with the following error, ANS0106E Message index not found for message [number]

C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\Baclient\dscenu.txt was corrupt, seems to happen when the scheduler is running and the client is updated

The Fix1:

  1. Locate a different system that is working and is running the Same version of the TSM client as the broken system.
  2. Turn of the scheduler service for both good and broken systems
  3. copy the dscenu.txt file from good to bad
  4. then restart the scheduler for both systems.

The Fix2: restall the TSM client