TSM error ANS2310E


TSM for VE will sometimes give error ANS2310E The create snapshot task is disabled on the virtual machine ‘*’. As a result, the virtual machine cannot be backed up.


If the VM is getting vmotioned or storage vmotioned, snapshot tasks will fail and this error will be created.


Retry the backup job at a later time after the vmotion is complete.


File copy error

The Error: Error 0x80090006: Invalid Signature

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 2.43.31 PM

The Problem: We have had a few vmware VMs with some file copy problems. And they have produced some very odd messages.

The Workaround: Is to vmotion them to a new host. Seems to be an issue with the hosts physical network cards and network corruption.

GUI Storage VMotion (SVMotion)

WARNING: This plugin is not created my VMware, so us at your own risk and test it out first before you try and use it in Production.

You can get a GUI Storage VMotion plugin for VIC 2.5 

You can download this plugin at http://code.google.com/p/akutz/downloads/list

This plugin acks as a normal VMware plugin (ie update manager, etc)

All you do is right click your VM and you will have move storage option at bottom, then drag the VM to a new datastore of your choose.