Default new mail sound location for lotus notes on linux

Lotus Notes 8.5.3 default new mail sound location is pulled from /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo for RHEL. Copy your .wav files to this location for them to show up in the “Play a sound” menu for when you get new email.


TSM Client Error ANS0106E Message index not found for message number

The Problem: TSM was giving backup failed with the following error, ANS0106E Message index not found for message [number]

C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\Baclient\dscenu.txt was corrupt, seems to happen when the scheduler is running and the client is updated

The Fix1:

  1. Locate a different system that is working and is running the Same version of the TSM client as the broken system.
  2. Turn of the scheduler service for both good and broken systems
  3. copy the dscenu.txt file from good to bad
  4. then restart the scheduler for both systems.

The Fix2: restall the TSM client

BOMC iso error

Problem: Using IBM’s ToolCenter Bootable media creator (BOMC) to make a updatexpress cd keep failing with an error on the ISO creation step.

Error: Error(s) occurs while creating the bootable media! Error message: Media creation error: The mkisofs utility failed to create ISO file

Solution: come to find out that the iso creation step conflicts with cygwin or cygwin.dlls, So in my case I had cygwin installed on the system that the BOMC was running on and creating this error, I stopped the cygwin process and the BOMC ran with out problems.

Backrev firmware on IBM ServeRAID card

How to backrev the firmware on a ServeRAID card:
1. Boot the server with the ServeRAID CD version you want to revert to
2. Then when the GUI appears look for the lightening bolt to show up as the logo
3. Hold down ALT and right click the lighting bolt
4. Three option boxes will appear, one will be “FORCE UPDATE” check the box.
5. Then it will run as if you where doing a normal update.

TWGESCLI.log growing to large sizes


TWGESCLI.log with in “C:\Program Files\IBM\Director\log” (the default install directory) was 350MB and growing (reported to use high CPU utilization)

OS: Windows 2000 Advanced Server
IBM Director Agent Version: 3.10 (reported up to version 5.10.x)


  1. Create twgescli.ini within C:\Program Files\IBM\Director\data\
  2. In twgescli.ini add the two lines below



This will disable the twgescli.exe from running and filling up the log

This answer was posted in a forum by Tim C

With a very detailed doc from IBM Director Tech Support attached, I will also attach this doc to this entry, in case the forum would ever go away someday.


Could not start the TSM Central Scheduler service on Local Computer

Could not start the TSM Central Scheduler service on Local Computer

Error 4294967295

TSM Central Scheduler

I ran across this error today on a windows 2000 server and found the answer at

IBM Domino Console w/ RDP

Accessing the lotus Domino console from RDP

Note: This only works for windows 2003, this does not work for 2000 or earlier!

You will need to connect with RDP from the console connection using the /console (mstsc /v:hostname or IP /console) with remote desktop connection or select the check box if you are using remote desktops from the admin pack or visionapp remote desktop